Building Bridges After Breaking Boundaries

Across Red Lines Retreats Featured in The National

When Farah Andrews and Manal Omar sat down together, they had a lot to talk about. The main focus is on the Women’s Retreats that are built in tiers to enable women to continue building on the work that they do.

Manal Omar, our founder, has created the curriculum used in the three levels of workshops that is based on Islamic fundamentals, but many women that attend are not Muslim.

Ms. Omar has such an extensive background in conflict zones, negotiations, peace building, speaking truth to power, government and non-government organizations, that her knowledge is uniquely vast. Manal is also a world traveller.

It is exciting for us to be in The National because we have a critically important need to empower women to be self-assured and know that not only do they belong at the negotiation tables, their voices need to be heard. Across Red Lines Events and Retreats are step stones toward a more equitable and safer world for everyone.

“What would happen if women actually stepped into their own joy? That’s the theory of change with Across Red Lines.” –Manal Omar

Across Red Lines has hosted retreats in The United Arab Emirates, and The United States, and the next retreat will be in Spain at the end of August.

Women share their thoughts about their experience with our retreats and events. Every person has so many unique insights. Fascinating.

Manal Omar, a leading voice in women's rights, shares some of her time in front of the camera discussing current issues and the need for the creation of Across Red Lines.