Arabian Harper's Bazaar - A Range Of Luxury Retreats With An Islamic Perspective

Across Red Lines is featured in Harper’s Bazaar

“Muslim-friendly company Across Red Lines hosts retreats around the world to help women find themselves.”

Among other things, Manal shared her three top tips for Mental Health with thorough and helpful information. From connection, bonding, and strength, the insights are moving.


Led by founder, Manal Omar, Across Red Lines is working to build a a community of women uplifting other women. Our retreats are held in The UAE, The USA, and Spain. It is beautiful to see that new connections and networks are developing around the globe.

Although the retreats are based in Islamic tradition, we welcome women of any faith, origin, or background. It has been said that it is through others that we learn the most about ourselves. It is important to be in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. That means that all of your needs are considered.

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A discussion about clarifying things within yourself and determining which lens you filter them through. And more.