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The Whole Truth of Across Red Lines

One article cannot tell all of the details of a story that has been a lifetime in the making, however, in Manal Omar’s article published in AltMuslimah, there are global truths that have been revealed about the development and continuation of the work of Across Red Lines.

Manal Omar

Uncovering Deeper Truths

Manal describes how her life has changed, and perspectives have as well. This very open, vulnerable article sheds light on the lifetime of history that has resulted in Across Red Lines, and some of the iterations we have gone through as we continue to grow. Working to get through red lines can be like one person trying to roll three boulders up three different hills simultaneously.

“I finally realized that I created Across Red Lines not just to help others, but to save my own life.” – Manal Omar

We have no choice but to continue to communicate about, and break down the barriers that are holding us back from being able to internalize being safe, and feeling like we are whole, and fulfilled individuals. We can live in accordance with our morality, and accept the beauty of pleasure and sexuality.

Women’s rights to pleasure and sexuality are some of the strongest red lines to cross. This is a worldwide problem. We must accept it within ourselves and others. We are all human beings, by which we’ll say, we have a lot more in common than not in common. We are working together and creating progress. Thank you for working with us.

“I uncovered a body carrying so much pain that it became completely immobilized for weeks, sometimes months, at a time.” – Manal Omar

It is exciting and life affirming to hear from so many women about the ways that Across Red Lines has helped them improve their lives. We know that we have to continue in our mission.

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Manal Omar, world renowned women's rights advocate, opening honest discussions about Muslim women's sexuality. Women are the heart of building peace in our world, and in order to do so, they need to be in touch with their own bodies, their own divine, feminine power.
Women share their thoughts about their experience with our retreats and events. Every person has so many unique insights. Fascinating.

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Manal Omar, a leading voice in women's rights, shares some of her time in front of the camera discussing current issues and the need for the creation of Across Red Lines.