This Women's Day, Unlock the Secret to World Peace


Clue/Pssst: The secret is hidden in a woman’s body


This is our month. March goes beyond International Women’s Day on March 8th. It includes for the rest of the world both the celebration of spring and Mother’s Day. It is a time for celebration of the beginning of life, and within that women’s power while lies in her life force energy.

For the majority of the year, women are forced to fight. To protect ourselves and our families. To battle for equal footing with men. To simply carve out space to exist.

Yet this month, I offer women an invitation to sheath our swords and shift tactics. Because if we want safety, if we want peace, if we want equality, we need to learn to use our strongest weapons—our bodies.

In speaking of women’s power, it can seem counterintuitive to focus on women’s bodies. After all, many of us fight so hard to be seen as more than our bodies, our faces, and the pleasure we might give to others. Yet pleasure isthe key to women’s power. But it’s the pleasure we might give ourselves, to allow ourselves to open to and embrace, that will invite us to come into our true power. It is this lack of attention to women’s pleasure and in some cases the purposeful suppression of women’s pleasure, that has brought us to where we are—the literal brink of destruction.

Women’s wisdom, intuition, and seemingly inexplicable means of deep knowing, of connection with the rhythms and messages of nature—it is all seated in the body. Extensive research shows that the body is a compass towards decision-making. 

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