Beyond Fragile States: Spotting Fragile Cities is Key


Spotting Fragile Cities is Key

Governments, researchers and practitioners from across the globe met earlier this month at the World Bank to tackle the sustainable development agenda in the midst of conflict. The agenda would be considered ambitious in any context: How can the world achieve these goals of development while also addressing the fragile state status of most of the partners on the frontlines?

Fragile states have diverse problems. Some are experiencing armed conflict or just emerging from it; others are affected by acute political, social, and economic vulnerabilities or under threat of chronic forms of organized criminal violence. With such a range of qualifying factors, part of the solution may not be to just look at the ever-growing category of fragile states. Instead, exploring fragility at the city level could provide the key to preventative measures.

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Manal Omar - Contributor to the Huffington Post:

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Manal Omar is a Fellow with the Truman National Security Project who serves on the boards of IREX and She is the founder of #CrossRedLines dialogue series and Safina Fellowship for Muslim women. Views expressed are her own.