Huffington Post: As a Muslim, My Heart Freezes with Fear

My Heart Freezes with Fear

That’s a pretty dramatic statement. Has your heart ever frozen with fear? It’s a pretty dramatic experience.

Don’t be a passive bystander to Islamophobia if you disagree with the fiery rhetoric. Take action.

To our friends around the world my message is that this is the time to put into action the lessons we all have learned about racism of any kind. German Jews have experienced hatred. African Americans have experienced hatred. American Muslims are not alone in this experience. Muslims have faced hatred since the very foundation of our country, starting with African Muslims brought through the slave trade. The new wave of immigrants fleeing conflict are the new kids on the block. It is all of our responsibility to support them.

And we have good experience in this country to draw upon. For decades we have invested in interfaith work, and people-to-people engagement to address deep rooted hatred of the “other.” Many of us have worked to help the poor, the disabled, and the dispossessed to access the private sector and legal system. Now is the time to put American values to work, practice what we preach, and open up the lines of conversation even if the conversations are difficult.

concept of fearless - Huffington Post

concept of fearless - Huffington Post