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New York - Know Yourself to Access Your Strength

Accessing Your Strength

The workshops provided by Across Red Lines are developed to empower women to become leaders in their own lives, their communities, and indeed, the world. The curriculum, designed and tailor made for our guests, is created by Manal Omar. The curriculum is partially Islamic based, and we are honored to welcome guests from all walks of life.

A spiritual weekend retreat focused on encouraging women to connect with nature and their bodies for guidance. Led by global women’s rights leader Manal Omar, this retreat explores ways for women to access their feminine life force energy and bring it into all avenues of their lives. From the personal to the professional, the retreat features workshops that lead participants through exercises to access their own power through body knowledge, take inventory of their past experiences and how it has impacted their leadership style, and discover the secrets to joy and pleasure as a way to connect with the divine and their higher purpose.

In addition to ARL’s Islamic-based curriculum on women’s leadership, participants will be able to take full advantage of the surrounding natural environment. We are seeking women and youth leaders to join ARL in a healing environment as they explore avenues for empowerment – both physically and spiritually – in order to become stronger leaders and agents of change within their communities. Although the curriculum in this retreat is tailored within an Islamic framework, women of all background are welcome.